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From Emiliano Armellin <earmel...@ateikon.com>
Subject Re: subselects design
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 13:43:28 GMT
Clinton Begin ha scritto:

>Hi Emiliano,
>Couple of things:
>1) It looks like product and/or price are 1:1 Or M:1 with your parent
>object, so why not just join the data?  I would avoid the second
>select, as you're creating an N+1 problem (1 primary select + 100
>--one for each record).  Even if it's a collection, version 2.0.9 can
>handle joined data for populating complex collections.
well, it's not so simple
the getPrice method, for example, retrieve the first value of a list of 
values returned by subselect for price
so I can't convert it in a direct join

I'm looking at the new features of 2.0.9...

Emiliano Armellin

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