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From Jan Vissers <Jan.Viss...@cumquat.nl>
Subject IBatis and Oracle stored functions
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 17:43:52 GMT
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<font face="Bitstream Vera Sans Mono">Hi,<br>
I'm evaluating IBatis sqlMap/DAO wrt Oracle functionality, like:<br>
  <li>"RETURNING ... INTO ..." Clause</li>
  <li>CLOB (oracle.sql.CLOB) &gt;32K</li>
  <li>BLOB (oracle.sql.BLOB)</li>
  <li>XMLType (oracle.xdb.XMLType)</li>
It looks to me that none of these are really supported. I, for instance
have a packaged function: <br>
<blockquote>function insert_record( p_i_values in pck2.refcursortype)<br>
return   pck2.refcursortype;<br>
Is there any way to call these types of objects from IBatis?<br>
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