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From Hugo Palma <hpa...@digitalis.pt>
Subject Re: Can't test DAO
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 15:09:24 GMT
I'm not sure i explained myself correctly. I think that with some code 
i'll explain myself better.
I have this simplified DAO:

public final class SqlMapUserDao extends SqlMapClientDaoSupport 
implements UserDao
    public User getUser(String username)
      User user = 
(User)getSqlMapClientTemplate().queryForObject("getUser", username);

      return user;

How do i test this without actually accessing the database ?
I'd have to create a mock of the sqlMapClientTemplate property so that i 
could make it return what i wanted for the test and not actually access 
the database, right ?
But how do i do this if SqlMapClientTemplate is not an interface ?


Kris Jenkins wrote:

> Hugo Palma wrote:
>> I'm using Spring with iBATIS SqlMap.
>> I'm trying to test my DAOs with junit and easyMock.
>> All my DAOs extend 
>> org.springframework.orm.ibatis.support.SqlMapClientDaoSupport, as 
>> such, for doing a database operation i invoke method 
>> getSqlMapClientTemplate().<whatever>.
>> What seemed like an obvious way to test the DAO was to create a mock 
>> of the sqlMapClientTemplate object(using easyMock) so that i could 
>> configure it's behaviour. But then the problems started. First i 
>> couldn't get the DAO instance from the spring application context 
>> without defining the "dataSource" and "configLocation" properties 
>> which i shouldn't have to define for the test because i'll be using a 
>> mock template anyway. I defined the properties anyway but then i came 
>> to a full stop as i realized that class 
>> org.springframework.orm.ibatis.SqlMapClientTemplate is in fact not an 
>> interface, this makes it impossible for easyMock to generate a mock 
>> object for it.
>> So my question is, is there any easy way i can this tests ?
>> If you think this is more a spring list question please tell me.
> Personally I wouldn't mock SqlMapClient, any more than I'd mock 
> java.util.ArrayList.  I only unit test my code, not 3rd party code.  
> After all, it should already be thoroughly tested in development and 
> the real world.
> If you're prepared to accept that thinking, then testing each DAO in 
> isolation from *your* other classes is easy - just pass a different 
> sql-map-config.xml to Spring's SqlMapClientBuilder.
> HTH,
> Kris


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