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From Anthony Bull <anthony.b...@bcsoft.co.nz>
Subject iBATIS with PostGreSQL 8.0 for Windows
Date Sun, 30 Jan 2005 22:51:44 GMT
Hi, I couldn't find the iBATIS forums so I posted here.  Sorry if its 
the wrong place.

I have been developing a project using iBATIS SQL maps in conjunction 
with PostgreSQL databases. 
The client has recently wanted to run PostGreSQL 8.0 on his Windows setup.

However, I have not been able to get the iBATIS SQLmaps working with 
PostGreSQL 8.0.

The problem is whenever an SQLmap inserts a null value into a column, 
the new PostGreSQL driver throws the following error:

--- Cause: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: setNull(i,Types.OTHER) is 
not supported; use setObject(i,nullobject,Types.OTHER) instead.'

It seems the problem is, that this method that iBATIS is calling (and 
which worked with all the older PostGreSQL drivers) is not supported 
anymore by the PostGres driver.
Without knowing too much about how JDBC works internally, it seems to me 
that this is a problem with the PostGres drivers - not a bug in iBATIS.

However, I posted here because I don't think I'd get a quick response 
from the PostGreSQL people and have had great feedback from iBATIS 
forums before. 

I have tried the latest iBATIS libraries and the latest PostGreSQL 
drivers.  You cannot run the existing (i.e. working) PostGreSQL drivers 
with version 8.0.

Has anyone had this problem, and/or can anyone suggest what my best 
options are?

For the time being, we are moving across to MySQL 4.1 for an important 
demonstration next week. 
We use PostGreSQL (on linux and windows) fairly heavily for several 
important projects, so we need to resolve this somehow.

Is doing my own build of the iBATIS libraries and modifying the source 
to work with this driver an option?

Thanks for your time.


Anthony Bull.

Black Coffee Software

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