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From Bing Zou <xiguamaill...@gmail.com>
Subject One Question about Result Mapping.
Date Sat, 15 Jan 2005 05:40:17 GMT
I have been using iBATiS for about a week, it is great. Thanks a lot
for your excellent work. Now I have one question about the result

When the resultClass has overloaded methods, for example, setID(int
ID) and setID(String ID), it seems that iBATiS will use the first
setID() (say, setID(int ID)) method in the method list returned by
reflection API as the result mapping method. While if the result
column in the database is type varChar instead of int, I will get
result mapping Exception.

I tried to switch the order of the two setID() methods in the class
and it worked. iBATiS picked up the first one (setID(String) now) in
the method list from reflection now. But I don't think this is a
correct way to solve this problem. I am wondering whether there is
some other way to do that? Actually, while using reflection to get the
setXXX method list, can we use Class.getMethod(String name, Class...
parameterTypes) instead of the general getMethods()? (Maybe this will
have a little bit impact on performance though.)

Any though/help will be appreciated.
Have a nice weekend.

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