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From "Bolinger, Gregg D" <Gregg.Bolin...@intrustbank.com>
Subject Insert complex properties
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 17:16:42 GMT
Reading the online docs I know how to map complex properties for
queries.  But I couldn't find any information about inserting these
complex properties.  For example, I have a class called Issues.  Issues
looks like:


public class Issues


   private Workstation workstation;

   private Hardware hardware;


  //Getters and setters here



Workstation and Hardware are both JavaBeans themselves that contain
getters and setters for an ID and their Name (workstation, hardware).
My Issues table in the database contains integer foreign keys for both
workstation and hardware.


So how do I map an insert to pull the ID from workstation and hardware
to be inserted into the Issue table?  Thanks



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