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From Nathan Maves <Nathan.Ma...@Sun.COM>
Subject Strange problems with Custom Type Handler
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 17:27:34 GMT
everything in my development system works perfect but when I run it in 
my pro env the frequency_id column is ignored in the resultmap.

here is the result map
     <resultMap class="Report" id="ReportResult">
         <result column="report_id" property="id" />
         <result column="report_name" property="name" />
         <result column="report_type" property="type" />
         <result column="description" property="description" />
         <result column="category" property="category" />
         <result column="posted_date" property="postedDate" />
         <result column="last_update_date" property="lastUpdateDate" />
         <result column="frequency_id" property="frequency"/>
         <result column="archive_ind" property="archive" />
         <result column="parent_id" property="parentId" />
         <result column="infopartner_ind" property="infoPartner" />
         <result column="hierarchy_code" property="hierarchyCode" />
         <result column="brio_job_id" property="brioJobId" />

     <resultMap class="Report" id="DetailReportResult" 
         <result column="mime_type" property="mimeType" />
         <result property="blob" column="report" jdbcType="BLOB"/>

here is the debug from my production system.

DEBUG 01-20 10:21:48 {conn-100003} Connection  
DEBUG 01-20 10:21:48 {pstm-100004} PreparedStatement:          SELECT   
            A.report_id,             A.parent_id,             
A.report_name,             A.report_type,             A.description,    
          A.category,             A.posted_date,             
A.last_update_date,             A.frequency_id,             
A.hierarchy_code,             A.brio_job_id,             A.archive_ind, 
             A.infopartner_ind,             A.report,             
B.mime_type         FROM              RV_REPORT_HIERARCHY A, 
RV_REPORT_TYPE B         WHERE              A.report_id = ?             
and A.report_type = B.id       (PreparedStatementLogProxy.java:48)
DEBUG 01-20 10:21:48 {pstm-100004} Parameters: [15434]  
DEBUG 01-20 10:21:48 {pstm-100004} Types: [java.lang.String]  
DEBUG 01-20 10:21:48 {rset-100005} ResultSet  
DEBUG 01-20 10:21:49 {rset-100005} Header: [report_id, report_name, 
report_type, description, category, posted_date, last_update_date, 
archive_ind, parent_id, infopartner_ind, hierarchy_code, brio_job_id, 
mime_type, report]  (ResultSetLogProxy.java:61)
DEBUG 01-20 10:21:49 {rset-100005} Result: [15434, Agent Data Inbound 
by Hour Statistics, 2, Agent Data Inbound by Hour Statistics, null, 
2005-01-19 02:17:31.0, null, true, 15253, false, 62000569, 6024, 
application/pdf, oracle.sql.BLOB@2504e0]  (ResultSetLogProxy.java:65)

when I run the sql from a CL I get this

  REPORT_ID     PARENT_ID     REPORT_NAME                            
REPORT_TYPE     DESCRIPTION                            CATEGORY     
  15434         15253         Agent Data Inbound by Hour Statistics  2   
             Agent Data Inbound by Hour Statistics  (null)       
2005-01-19 02:17:31.0  (null)               1                62000569   
         6024            1               (null)              %PDF-1.3

which you can see that the FREQUENCY_ID is 1 which is valid.

What would cause the resultmap to ignore this column?


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