I'm a bit confused about the right pattern to implement this kind of selects with ibatis.

This is the problem: I've got a select to search products in db. I'm using queryForList(java.lang.String id, java.lang.Object parameterObject, int skip, int max)  to extract the first 100 records.
For every product extracted by this select I have to do other selects to get price/promotions/etc
This subselects take the product.cd as parameters and others parameters not in the column of the parent select but passed to the method searchProducts(Map pars), so I can't use construct like:

<result property="product" column="{id=PROD_CD}" select="getProdPrice"/>

because getProdPrice needs PROD_CD but also user.cdlist, user.cdcompany... am I wrong?

Is rowHandler implementations the correct way to do this?

Emiliano Armellin
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