Well I've taken a crack at a point and click program for building maps/ value objects and a dao class (not ibatis dao
just a java class to invoke an sqlclient's methods). It allows you to set up a project and specify a db connection along with
all the usual config stuff. (You need to set up you db connections first. Make sure that your driver and all jars are on the system classpath)
It shows all the tables in your selected connection which you use to build your objects and maps by pointing and clicking.
Create a new Value object and double click a table and then double click columns.
It's a bit like ms access query builder with the addition of fields for java type, java name etc..
It also writes the config file and updates the map references as you create new maps. Also a util class with a single static
method which creates the Reader and reads the config and returns the SQLMapsClient. 
You can daisy chain maps together by adding list (called "Complex properties" on the UI) properties to your
java value object and specifying the map to fetch them.
I've used it on 2 small projects so far and it seems to save a lot of work. There are a few pain in the neck things that I need to
sort out but it works ok. Mainly it always rewrites all 3 files when you reopen you value object in the GUI. So if you've tweaked
them your changes get overwritten. If you bear that in mind it seems fairly useful. Once you get everything set up you just tweak
things outside the UI.
Sorry there is no documentation at all.
Thanks for Ibatis. It's very great and it's been a huge help to us. Maybe this thing will actually help somebody out.
It's included in JasmineIDE as a plugin.