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From Abdullah Kauchali <abdullah.kauch...@isanusi.com>
Subject Re: iBatis and EJB
Date Sun, 06 Feb 2005 00:33:16 GMT
Interesting question could be:  can the transaction semantics used in 
the application
with iBatis also be used in an EJB transactional (read: distributed) 
environment -
switching from local to distributed based on the absence or presence of 
an EJB

Is that even possible?  hmmm ...

Kind regards


Douglas wrote:

>I'm working in a large project with JBoss 4, EJB
>(without entity beans, only with Session beans and
>Message Driven Beans), iBatis SQLMap, iBatis DAO
>Framework and Struts.
>The transaction is controlled by iBatis DAO (the
>transaction manager implementation is SQLMAP).
>Nowadays i'm using a single Session beans (stateless)
>+ business delegate with the EJB Command Design
>pattern approach to encapsulate the business logic.
>IMHO, EJB Command and Business Delegate should be used
>for decouple tiers.
>I never used Session beans and i would like to know
>what is the better architecture for this project.
>Thanks in advance,
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