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From Anad Fida <amad.f...@gmail.com>
Subject queryForMap from resultMap
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 11:05:56 GMT
I have a Domain Object as following,

public class Account {

   private long accountKey;
   private String accountName;
   private String userName;
   private Date lastUpdateDate;

  // Holds account attribute name - values
   private Map accountAttributes;

// Setters/Getters........

I have accounts, attributes, account_attributes tables, you know the 
usual relationships. My problem is in order to get the Account and for 
each account, I need to get its attribute map.

One option is to get all the accounts and then for each account i get 
its attributes as name, value pair using "queryForMap("queryID", 
account.getKey(), "Name", "Value"). But I have around 50, 000 accounts 
and for each account I have to run this extra query so could end up 
running 50, 001 queries.

I was hoping that I could use this queryForMap from accounts resultMap as
<resultMap id="getAccounts">
<result property="accountAttributes" column="accountKey" 

but i want to specify the property for key and property for value, for 
this "getAccountAttributeMap". I am not sure how to do that from SqlMap?

Any help would be really appreciated.


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