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From Admin <maill...@friendVU.com>
Subject Re: ibatis and streams
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2005 19:30:01 GMT

I somtimes try something in JDBC in test, then re:do in iBatis. This may 
be one of those cases.

Nathan Coast wrote:

> Hi,
> Does ibatis support blob types, specifically to stream blobs in / out 
> of the database?  I notice something about blobs are mentioned for the 
> 2.0.9 release.  Are there any docs examples anywhere?
> I'm using mysql and I currently get errors for trying to write large 
> byte[] data types to the db (exceeding a db configuration - max packet 
> size).  I'm hoping to avoid having to re-configure the db by using 
> streams.
> thanks
> Nathan
> btw, ibatis is a great tool, thanks for the effort.

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