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From "Ralph, Mark" <Mark.Ra...@dpi.wa.gov.au>
Subject No readable/writeable property where one exists
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 09:29:58 GMT

There is a problem in ClassInfo.dropCase( String name ) method.

When i have a property with a name starting with a single lowercase letter - the resulting
property name is capitalised...

For example we have a field "cRoid" with a getter getCRoid() and setter setCRoid( Long cRoid

When we try to have a query of the form
			select *	from CLI_CLIENTS where C_ROID = #cRoid#
we get a 
	There is no READABLE property named 'cRoid' in class ...

And when we use it as a result such as
	<result property="cRoid" column="C_ROID"/>
we get a 
	There is no WRITEABLE property named 'cRoid' in class ...

To make it work I need to reference it as 'CRoid' in the XML - making it inconsistent. 

The problem is the logic in the dropCase method doesnt make the first letter lower case if
the second letter is upper case.
(I suppose this is to catch properties that start with an acronym - eg getSQLConnection; would
be SQLConnection ?!)

I think the Java standard would still prefer the see these properties start with a lower case
Or Maybe we need someway to override this default behaviour ? 

any feed back would be appreciated.

I think I am going to have to change this class for our installation as I don't want people
having to remember to treat some properties differently when writing queries.

Mark Ralph

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