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From "Mark Bennett" <mark.benn...@ncmail.net>
Subject JPetStore struts package
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 14:34:37 GMT
Here is a gratuitous ego booster for Clinton, but I must say that I love the
extra struts package in in the JPetStore that allows mapping to bean
methods.  The use of thread local context is so nice not having to pass the
servlet objects around.

I read about a lot of people complaining about struts, but I think that if
they added this to their system then they wouldn't complain so much.  Its a
wonder that, AFAIK, this hasn't become either the standard or at least an
option in the struts jar.  Oh, and DispatchAction does not count.

(I know... [OT], now I'll pretend to tie this in to iBatis)  I used to use
lots of Lists and Maps but now with iBatis and that new struts package, now
my code is looking much more object oriented with much less boiler plate


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