Trying to find the best approach to a 1:M relationship.
(Apologize ahead if I'm missing something)
class master {
    private List children ;
    public void setChildren(List list){}
    public List getChildren() {}
The suggestions from the mail archives seem to indicate two possibilities
        insert into master values(...) ;
        <iterate id=children>
            insert into Childvalues(..) ;
Master master = new Master() ;
Child child = new Child() ;
master.getChildren().add(child) ; ;
child.setParent(master) ; ;
Using the first approach causes me to create multiple insert statements for a "Child" insert (One in the Master mapping, one in the child mapping... Is there a way to define links to other statements?
Using the second approach causes me to use "Relational" constructs to describe a Object mapping.
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