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From Miquel Angel Bada Zuazo <mab...@gmail.com>
Subject SQL statment => insert select
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 16:52:45 GMT
I'm creating an Insert SQL statment woth the result of a selectsentence, 

it works fine as a SQL statment, but when I tray to execute with
IBatis, i don't know why, but it isn' executed, and there are no error

does anybody knows if I can execute the following statment?

<typeAlias alias="copiarPlantilla" type="stacks.domain.agenda.CopiarPlantilla"/>

	<insert id="insertItemCopiarPlantilla" parameterClass="copiarPlantilla">
		INSERT INTO stk_plantillas_horarios
		SELECT #agendaAlId#, ph.ACT_ID, ph.IND_ID, #diaSemana#, ph.HORA
		FROM stk_plantillas_horarios ph
		WHERE ph.PLA_ID = #agendaDeId#
		AND ph.DIASEMANA = #diaSemana#

Sincerely Yours, 

Miquel Angel

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