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From Kris Jenkins <krisajenk...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Re: ClassCastException building SqlMap instance
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 11:55:23 GMT

> If you're looking for the library which contains the offending class 
> here's a trick I use.  Go into the directories that your classloader 
> will use to find jar files (common/lib, server/lib, etc).  If you're 
> using using some version of unix run the bourne shell (/bin/sh) or 
> bash and execute the following:
> for name in *.jar
> do
>    echo LIBRARY: $name >> classlist
>    jar tvf $name >> classlist
> done
> Now you can look in the classlist file and search for the class name 
> that is causing the casting exception.  Scroll up until you find the 
> name of the class which contains it.
> John Fereira
> jaf30@cornell.edu
> Ithaca, NY

As it's Friday, anyone for a game of *nix golf?

    find . -name \*.jar -print -exec jar tvf {} \;

I make that par 47. :-)


Kris Jenkins
Email:  kris@jenkster.com
Blog:   http://cafe.jenkster.com/
Wiki:   http://wiki.jenkster.com/

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