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From Mike Fagan <mfa...@tde.com>
Subject prevent caching of resultMap
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 21:10:03 GMT

I have a stored function that returns a refcursor with the different 
columns based on passed in parameters.
My problem is that IBATIS is caching the column names from the first 
call to this stored function causing later calls with a different 
refcursor definition to fail due to different columns returned. I have 
set cacheModelsEnabled to false and was wondering if I am missing 
another config setting. Using version 2.0.9

Here is my sqlMap:

    <parameterMap id="queryParameters" class="map" >
        <parameter property="result" jdbcType="ORACLECURSOR" mode="OUT"/>
        <parameter property="user" jdbcType="NUMERIC" javaType="long" 
mode="IN" />
        <parameter property="resultid" jdbcType="NUMERIC" 
javaType="long" mode="IN" />
        <parameter property="startidx" jdbcType="NUMERIC" javaType="int" 
mode="IN" />
        <parameter property="endidx" jdbcType="NUMERIC" javaType="int" 
mode="IN" />
        <parameter property="fields" jdbcType="VARCHAR" 
javaType="java.lang.String" mode="IN" />
        <parameter property="total" jdbcType="NUMERIC" javaType="long" 
mode="OUT" />

    <procedure id="queryRecords" resultClass="java.util.HashMap" 
parameterMap="queryParameters" >
        { ? = call RECORDSET.getPagedRecordCursor(?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) }

Mike Fagan

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