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From Michael Zurke <mis...@zurke.info>
Subject Re: canceling statement?
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 14:41:49 GMT
i think it would make sense if ibatis would support something like 
multiple query processing (e.g. a query executed in parallel on 
different database clusters. then the abstraction layer should combine 
the results. in that case it would be handy to specify a timeout to get 
  results back from the most responsive clusters only (-> cancel). but 
this is theoretical since ibatis doesn't support such functionality 
(right?). but still - if there would be something like SQLMap.cancel() 
one could implement the parallel querying quite easy, i guess.


Brandon Goodin wrote:
> It is not a funciton that is available. But, i'm not sure why it
> wouldn't be available. iBatis uses straight JDBC underneath. It could
> provide some functionlaity to cancel. But, i'm not sure how we would
> provide the criteria for a cancel. Please expound on "why" you would
> cancel.
> Brandon
> On 4/18/05, Brice Ruth <bdruth@gmail.com> wrote:
>>iBATIS is thread-local. The cancel() method requires that a separate thread
>>cancel a statement in an executing thread. I don't believe this would be
>>supported in this type of framework. 
>>On 4/18/05, Michael Zurke <mischa@zurke.info> wrote: 
>>>is it somehow possible to cancel an executed query via SQLMaps?
>>>as far as i know PreparedStatement has a cancel() method for that puropse.
>>Brice Ruth
>>Software Engineer, Madison WI

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