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From Richard Osbaldeston <richard.osbaldes...@wordmap.com>
Subject Re: Access to the underlying connection
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 15:08:48 GMT
Brandon Goodin wrote:

>I thought Oracle has a pooled connection datasource. Would it be
>possible to use oracle's datasource via JNDI? I would think that their
>implementation would provide what you need.
Hmmm, only if I could still get hold of the 'real' connection and not 
the proxy that IBatis returns (I guess so the IBatis developer dosnt 
have to worry about closing it correctly). But the fact that they'res 
more than one way to configure the datasources strongly suggests I'm 
barking up the wrong tree with the bugs in SimpleDataSource.. if the 
user configures a different datasource the same problem will re-occur. 
Guess there's just too much Oracle in this equation.. I'll have to drop 
IBatis from this project. Shame (and a lot of back-pedalling on my account).

- Richard

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