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From "Eric T. Blue" <ericblu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Populating 2 lists within a class
Date Sun, 24 Apr 2005 20:12:49 GMT

Thanks for the quick reply.  This is definitely good information.  I was 
only using Access for evaluation since it allowed my to import an 
existing ODBC datasource for testing.  Other than MySql, can you 
recommend another small-midsize db that works with iBatis?  Something 
along the lines of Derby or SQLite.

Clinton Begin wrote:

>Please email all questions to the mailing list.
>This is a severe limitation of both the JDBC/ODBC bridge driver, ODBC
>in general and MS Access in general.  All three suck big time.
>My first recommendation is to get a real database.  There are plenty
>of high quality, free databases to choose from.  There's no reason to
>use MS Access, unless there's a business driver constraining you.
>If you are constrained by some hard requirement to use MS Access, then
>I'm afraid you're out of luck.  There are 2 key limitations that will
>keep you from being successful with your intention:
>1) MS Access can only have a single result set open at a time. 
>Therefore, your nested SELECT statement will fail.  This is also why
>the join mapping (N+1) works -- it's a single result set.
>2) Columns must be read in the order that they're specified in the
>statement.  For this reason you must avoid SELECT * and also avoid
>interrupting the serial reading of all columns (including running an
>intermediate select statement).
>Other than that, you have all of the usual threading problems
>associated with MS Access and the JDBC/ODBC bridge driver.
>In any case, best of luck in finding a solution.
>On 4/24/05, Eric T. Blue <ericblue76@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hi Clinton,
>>First of all I wanted to say that you guys have done a fantastic job on Ibatis.  I'm
emailing a little late on this thread,
>>but I've actually run into a similar issue to this that I've been trying to track
down for about 3 days!  I'm using MS Access
>>and am trying to populate a list for a 1:n relationship with a select statement.
>>        <resultMap id="categoryResult" class="Category">
>>            <result property="id" column="CategoryID"/>
>>            <result property="name" column="Name"/>
>>            <result property="parentId" column="Parent"/>
>>            <result property="articles" column="CategoryID" select="getArticlesbyCategory"/>
>>        </resultMap>
>>        ...
>>        --- Check the result mapping for the 'articles' property.
>>        --- Cause: java.sql.SQLException: No data found
>>        Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: No data found
>>Sure enough, after finding this thread I swapped the order of "articles" and "id"
and I get an exception on the "id" column.
>>If I comment out id, the getArticlesbyCategory will run just fine.  What is the resolution
to this, and is it something
>>specific with MS Access and the JdbcOdbc driver?
>>I've experimented and can populate this by doing the n+1 workaround solution.  But
I would still prefer to use the select
>>method in some circumstances.  Thanks!
>>  Re: Populating 2 lists within a class
>>Clinton Begin
>>Wed, 02 Mar 2005 15:35:29 -0800
>>Uh oh.  Would you by chance be using Microsoft Access or perhaps MS SQL Server?
>>On Wed, 2 Mar 2005 15:02:50 -0800, Warren Bell
>><[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>>I have a class that has two Lists as properties. I can populate one or the
>>>other List, but I can not seem to get both of them populated. I have
>>>switched the order of the List mappings and it always has a problem with the
>>>last one listed. The two lists are itemMovement and itemPromoPrices1 in the
>>>result map "get-Item-Result1". I am getting a java.sql.SQLException: No data
>>>found Caused by: com.ibatis.common.jdbc.exception.NestedSQLException:. Any
>>>help will be appreciated.
>>>  <resultMap id="get-Item-Result1" class="item">
>>>    <result property="upc" column="INV_ScanCode"/>
>>>        <result property="desc" column="INV_Name"/>
>>>    <result property="brand" column="BRD_Name"/>
>>>    <result property="size" column="INV_Size"/>
>>>    <result property="unit" column="PI1_Description"/>
>>>    <result property="department" column="DPT_Name"/>
>>>    <result property="category" column="PI4_Description"/>
>>>    <result property="vendorSKU" column="ORD_SupplierStockNumber"/>
>>>    <result property="cost" column="INV_LastCost"/>
>>>    <result property="price" column="SIB_BasePrice"/>
>>>    <result property="itemMovement" column="INV_ScanCode"
>>>    <result property="itemPromoPrices1" column="INV_ScanCode"
>>>  </resultMap>
>>>  <resultMap id="get-Item-Promo-Price-Result1" class="promoPrice1">
>>>    <result property="upc" column="INV_ScanCode"/>
>>>    <result property="description" column="PCD_WRKName"/>
>>>    <result property="salePrice" column="PCD_Price_pl1"/>
>>>    <result property="promoStartDate" column="PCD_PSWStartDate"/>
>>>    <result property="promoEndDate" column="PCD_PSWEndDate"/>
>>>    <result property="priorityLevel" column="PCD_PriorityLevel"/>
>>>    <result property="discountKey" column="PCD_DIS_FK_pl1"
>>>  </resultMap>
>>>  <resultMap id="get-Item-Movement-Result1" class="movement">
>>>    <result property="upc" column="Scancode"/>
>>>    <result property="movementDate" column="ISG_StartTime"/>
>>>    <result property="quantity" column="SIT_Quantity"/>
>>>  </resultMap>
>>>  <select id="getItem1" parameterClass="java.lang.String"
>>>    SELECT INV_ScanCode, INV_Name, BRD_Name, INV_Size, PI1_Description,
>>>DPT_Name, PI4_Description, ORD_SupplierStockNumber, INV_LastCost,
>>>SIB_BasePrice FROM v_InventoryMaster WHERE INV_ScanCode = #value#
>>>  </select>
>>>  <select id="getItemPromoPrice1" parameterClass="java.lang.String"
>>>    SELECT INV_ScanCode, PCD_WRKName, PCD_Price_pl1, PCD_PSWStartDate,
>>>PCD_PSWEndDate, PCD_PriorityLevel, PCD_DIS_FK_pl1 FROM v_InventoryMaster,
>>>INV_ScanCode = #value#
>>>  </select>
>>>  <select id="getItemMovement1" parameterClass="java.lang.String"
>>>    SELECT Scancode, ISG_StartTime, SIT_Quantity FROM v_SummaryItems WHERE
>>>Scancode = #value#
>>>  </select>
>>>Warren Bell
>>>Systems Administrator
>>>Clark's Nutritional Centers
>>>4225 Market St.
>>>Riverside, CA 92501
>>>951-321-1960 ext. 142
>>>909-645-8864 mobile

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