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From Richard Yee <r...@cruzio.com>
Subject Re: CLOBs with Oracle 9i
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 04:34:15 GMT
You can use the 9i OCI drivers to get around the 4000-char limit. I'd 
suggest just downloading the 10g drivers. They should work with 9i.


At 05:30 PM 4/27/2005, you wrote:
>Hello, i am having some trouble with oracle9i in sqlmaps.
>I was using LONG for  a table attribute, but it doesn't support
>being used in WHERE, so i changed it to a CLOB and now sqlmaps
>can't handle it therefore the attribute is always null.
>I have read that the latest sqlmaps has a clob handler, but it only
>works on oracle 10g, so i need to write my own.
>Your wiki has an example on http://wiki.apache.org/ibatis/
>The problem is that i am doing an application that has support
>for different sql databases (oracle and postgresql) so i can't
>change or add a POJO as you guys call it just for oracle since
>i would have to handle when to use it, so i need the solution
>to be either in the database or in the sqlmaps' xml file.
>To represent the data of a CLOB your example uses a byte[].
>Is it possible to use it with a String so i wouldn't have to
>change my object?
>I would like to know what my alternatives are. So far i have
>to use a varchar2 which is limited to only 4000 bytes.
>Postgresql has a data type called "text" which has unlimited
>length and works perfectly as a string in sqlmaps.
>Any help is greatly appreciated.

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