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From "Bitra, Venkateswararao \(Corporate, consultant\)" <venkateswararao.bi...@ge.com>
Date Sun, 24 Apr 2005 17:44:59 GMT
	I user IBATIS layer for my Pervasive SQL database. Pervasive SQL 9 came up with an option
to deal with ANSI_PADDING problem with datatype CHAR and VARCHAR. ANSI_PADDING is on by default
in Pervasive. I need to "set ANSI_PADDING off" for all my transactions with Pervasive. Otherwise
I have to trim all CHAR and VARCHARS. And when I use this trimming in my where clauses I loose
my indexing advantage.
	How can I set this ANSI_PADDING off for all my transactions? Your help would be appreciated.



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