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From "Sheehan, Andrew" <AJShee...@doe.mass.edu>
Subject NullPointerException coming from StandardDaoManager
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 13:20:14 GMT
Has anyone seen this issue?


I am receiving a NullPointerException within the
[com.ibatis.dao.engine.impl.]StandardDaoManager class when It tries to
invoke getTransaction() on my DAO.  The 

exception is occuring below: (source is from StandardDaoManager.java)


  public DaoTransaction getTransaction(Dao dao) {

    DaoImpl impl = (DaoImpl) daoImplMap.get(dao);

    return impl.getDaoContext().getTransaction();  <-- NullPointerException 



In this particular case, I do not have any required transactions setup for
this DAO; just a simple select (like 'select count(1) from dual'...)    I
have checked my DaoConfig object - it appears to be fine.  I'm trying to
figure out if it has to do with my sqlMap declaration in my
sql-map-config.xml file, or is that my DaoConfig loaded, but incorrectly, or


Does anyone have any pointers on this?



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