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From "Akins, Greg" <gak...@amervideo.com>
Subject RE: Translating data between databases
Date Tue, 05 Apr 2005 14:17:16 GMT
I'm not sure I understand the problem well enough beyond my own needs.
But I'd be willing to get involved if enough people can help me clarify
the design.
I just checked the wiki.. The todo list for 2.0.9 is there, but I
couldn't tell if anything was related to my email.
Is there a wiki area for discussing this?  Or should it stay on the
mailing list for now.

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	From: Larry Meadors [mailto:larry.meadors@gmail.com] 
	Sent: Tuesday, April 05, 2005 10:07 AM
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	Subject: Re: Translating data between databases
	That feature is on the todo list, but not yet done. If you are
interested and motivated, feel free to jump in and throw out a proposed
	On Apr 5, 2005 6:34 AM, Akins, Greg <gakins@amervideo.com>

		I am using SqlMaps (but not DAO)
		I'm reading data from 3 different databases.
		Most of the time, I read from a single database, and
write to another... So nothing is "complicated" in Ibatis.
		However, sometimes I have to read from database "A"
while getting lookup data from database "B"
		Initially, I wrote a translation method that would get
an object with ID's.. Lookup each ID in database "B" and copy the data
with Object references instead of ID fields to my application
		Now, thanks to Nathan, I am using a CustomTypeHandler to
get "lookup" values where I didn't feel like putting the data in the
database at all (using type-safe enumerators).
		It seems like maybe CustomerTypeHandlers would have been
appropriate for integrating multiple datasource, much like integrating
datasources with enumerators;  Does that seem like a bad idea?
Something smells funny about creating dependencies between the
persistence and DAO's in this manner?
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