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From Larry Meadors <larry.mead...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Ibatis property file issue
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 19:10:32 GMT
There really is no such thing as a "relative" URL.

If you wanted to, you could specify the path in the properties file like 


Then use this in the SqlMapConfig.xml:

<sqlMap url="file://${sqlMapHome}/maps/Active_Agent_Office_View.xml"/> 


On 4/27/05, Wulf, Andrew <AHWulf@firstcommand.com> wrote:
> We develop our apps in two environments, Eclipse/IntelliJ for business 
> logic and BEA Weblogic Workshop for the portal UI. The problem is in 
> creating a single iBatis property file that will work in both environments.
> If I use the classpath for the property file and use 
> <sqlMap resource="maps/Office_View.xml"/> 
> It works in E/I but since Workshop doesn't move non-class files around in 
> its "deployment" procedure to Weblogic server the files don't make it into 
> the classpath (which you basically have no control over).
> If I do the URL method and do 
> <sqlMap url="file:./maps/Active_Agent_Office_View.xml"/> 
> This doesn't work in E/I unless the url is relative to the working 
> directory and only works in workshop if you stick everything relative to the 
> domain root directory.
> The basic problem is that iBatis uses 
> URL url = new URL(urlString); 
> Which in the case of a relative url doesn't work unless its relative to 
> the current working directory, NOT the ibatis property file.
> I would like to see a change to sqlMap xml definition to indicate that the 
> url reference is relative to the iBatis property file. This was if I can 
> load the main property file iBatis can easily load the sqlmap files from the 
> same directory.
> In the meantime, any ideas? I can move stuff around with ANT for working 
> in Workshop but it's irritating. 

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