The support for oracle ref cursors both as stored-function results and as out stored-procedure parameters is critical for me as well. I have a not-so-small code base (150-200 stored procedures) I currently access to through Oracle JPublisher. I would like to dismiss JPublisher in favour of a more general pourpose data mapping framework like iBatis.
The enhacements I would need have somehow been anticipated in:

and are:
1) Support for returning Oracle ref cursors as function results as well as out procedure parameters.
2) Support for declarative mapping of ref cursor fields to bean properties (for instance by adoption of resultMap attribute for parameter element).
I am willing to contribute to the coding and testing effort. Please let me know how to proceed.
Best regards, Fabio.

Graham Cruickshanks
Fri, 01 Apr 2005 05:54:36 -0800


First of all I would like to say good work on putting together the excellent Ibatis. I would like to use Ibatis in new project I’m working on, but it’s for a commercial entity and the oracle cursors to resultset is a must. I would like to help extend Ibatis to add better support of the Oracle dialect. Not for the companies sake, but for the sanity of not writing another straight JDBC to Stored procedure class again!!

There are some patches kicking about for on JIRA that are pretty ‘patchy’, is there any thoughts on adding a dialect factory to this class with a default dialect for each function and subclass overrides?

Please let me known if any help would be useful.


Graham Cruickshanks
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