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From "Lieven De Keyzer" <lieven_dekey...@hotmail.com>
Subject [OT] JPetStore - BaseBean / BeanAction
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 23:51:56 GMT
I took the lastest JPetStore as a starting point for my application.

The problem I have now: I want to have multiple actions in one form. I have 
a set of objects belonging to a user and this are displayed together with a 
checkbox for each object. I want the users to be able to check a few boxes 
and let them choose to delete those, or edit them all at once, etc...

Normall I think one should implement a class that inherits from the 
DispatchAction Class.

I guess using the BaseBean and BeanAction class, this should even be 
simpler. Should I use the same tactic as the DispatchAction class uses ? 
Something like:

public Class TreeLevel extends BaseBean {

  private String method;

  public String formAction {
    if (method == "foo") {
       return foo(); }
    else { return bar(); }

  private String foo() {

  private String bar() {

And then in my jsp page:

   <html:form action="/formAction">
    <html:submit property="method" value="foo" />
    <html:submit property="method" value="bar" />

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