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From "Mike Fotiou" <Mike.Fot...@pwgsc.gc.ca>
Subject RE: Automatically Create Maps
Date Wed, 29 Jun 2005 15:28:54 GMT
Sorry, I just have been more concise:

I'm not talking about simple key-value maps that represent a row in a table.  I need to create
a Map of objects, not a List of objects.  I typically represent associations using a Map,
that way I can easily find/remove objects using the key.

As an example, a User object could contain many Role objects.  The roles are held in a Map
and the key is the Role identifier, in this case it would be something like roleCode.  The
client can then say user.getRoles().get("CLERK").  Or you could use user.isInRole("CLERK")
- the method would be able to just use map.containsKey("CLERK"), instead of iterating through
the List, casting each element to a Role object, and then examining the roleCode property.

IBATIS will only create associations if the setter method is a List or Collection.  I think
a Map would require something else in the DTD to specify a key value.

E.G. Mapping - the key value is "roles" in the user ResultMap - it's cross linked to the "getUserRolesById"
select mapping which is used to build UserRole objects through the "userRole" mapping.  This
creates a role ArrayList contain UserRole objects, but I want a HashMap (or LinkedHashMap)
containing UserRole objects keyed by the property roleCode (or the column ROLE_CODE).

  <resultMap id="user" class="pwgsc.arms.model.User">
    <result property="userId" column="USER_ID"/>
    <result property="lastName" column="LAST_NAME"/>
    <result property="firstName" column="FIRST_NAME"/>
	.... other properties
    <result property="roles" column="USER_ID" select="getUserRolesById"/>

  <resultMap id="userRole" class="pwgsc.arms.model.UserRole" extends="role">
    <result property="userId" column="USER_ID"/>
    <result property="effectiveDate" column="EFFECTIVE_DATE"/>
    <result property="endDate" column="END_DATE" />

  <select id="getUserRolesById" resultMap="userRole">
    SELECT rtrim(B.role_code) as role_code, B.description_english, B.description_french, rtrim(A.user_id)
as user_id, A.effective_date, A.end_date
    FROM tb__ar_user_roles A, tb__ar_roles B 
    WHERE A.user_id=#value# AND A.role_code=B.role_code

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From: Larry Meadors [mailto:larry.meadors@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2005 10:39 AM
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Subject: Re: Automatically Create Maps

Yes, there is.

On 6/29/05, Mike Fotiou <Mike.Fotiou@pwgsc.gc.ca> wrote:
> Is there any way in IBATIS to create a Map via the XML file instead of a
> List/Collection?  This is possible programmatically using queryForMap.  If
> not, would it be useful in a future version of IBATIS?

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