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From "" <d...@excite.com>
Subject trouble mapping sybase stored procedure to object
Date Sun, 05 Jun 2005 22:57:31 GMT


This is regarding the issue that occurs when a sybase stored procedure is mapped to an object.

At first I thought this was an Ibatis issue because our stored procedure had an input parameter
and no output parameter and I thought Ibatis was getting confused.

This is not the case.  

Unfortunately as the error was generic it took some to trace.  The error text focused on the
param mapping. e.g.soemthing like : Check the results (failed to retrieve results) Check the
parameters (set parameters failed).

The real issue seems to be a sybase bug.

A null pointer exception happens when the execute method is called  followed by getResultSet,
on the callable statement object, in the executeQueryProcedure().(in SqlExecutor.java)

But if I replace cs.execute(); and cs.getResultSet() with cs.executeQuery(); the code works.

I was able to reproduce the problem outside of Ibatis. I have posted the bug as feedback on
sybase's site.  ( the issue exists even with the latest jdbc sybase driver (6.0))

For now callable statement won't work with sybase stps as execute/getResultSet results in
a null pointer exception.

I assume the decision to use execute followed by resultset has to do with multiple resultset

I have one remaining question which is : does Ibatis handle multiple sets like the following
: if a procedure does selects on different tables in one stored procedure will ibatis be able
to match the different result sets to different objects based on column names?

By looking at the code in SqlExecutor it seems not as I thought getMoreResultSets() would
have to be called to process multiple result sets and I do not see this method called at all
in the code.

please let me know if this is true,

thanks and thanks to Clinton for help/guidance.

Also I believe this resolves Ravi's post entitled : "Problem with stored procedure and resultMap
or resultClass?" ( sorry I couldn't figure out how to reply to this post.)

PS also is there an easy way to buid than what I did?:
 I created the directory structure as in the subversion and manually copied each file to the
right directory.  is there a zipped version of the files in the right directories with the
build scripts etc.?

also sorry for long response.


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