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From "" <d...@excite.com>
Subject bug with running sybase stored procedures
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 16:12:02 GMT

using sybase with IBatis to call a store procedure results in an error.(null pointer exception)

At first I thought Ibatis could not handle stored procedure without output params but this
was not the case.

The issue seems to be with Sybase's jdbc code.

To fix the issue I changed the following 2 lines in executeQueryProcedure in SqlExecutor.java:
 //     cs.execute();
 //     rs = cs.getResultSet();  //this was throwing the exception the boolean from execute
() returns true correctly 

	 rs = cs.executeQuery();
I was able to reproduce this issue outside of ibatis with different jdbc drivers from sybase(including
the latest).  I have reported the bug to sybase but have not heard back.  (Sybase documentation
judiciously only uses executeQuery in its examples and not execute.)

This issue only seems particular to callable statements as the naked query outside the stp
worked with Ibatis.

Could Ibatis be changed via the proposed fix without other repercussions?

please advise if this change is acceptable.  This issue also addresses the post on "RE: Problem
with stored procedure and resultMap or resultClass?"



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