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From "Tony Chen" <Tony.C...@LABONE.com>
Subject invalid column type
Date Mon, 27 Jun 2005 13:59:00 GMT

I received an Invalid Column Type error when querying an Oracle database.  This issue is explained
for Insert and Update.  Does anyone know what is the reason for insert?  The environment is
Windows2000+JDeveloper.  The message is like this
Cause:com.ibatis.common.jdbc.exception.NestedSQLException: --- The error occurred in oraclemag/view/sql-map.xml.
--- The error occurred while applying a parameter map. --- Check the getEntitlementProfile-InlineParameterMap.
--- Check the parameter mapping for the 'value' property. --- Cause: java.sql.SQLException:
Invalid column type Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: Invalid column type

Here is the sqlmap
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE sqlMap SYSTEM "file:///c:/dtd/sql-map-2.dtd">

<sqlMap namespace="IEntitlementProfile">

	<!-- result maps -->
	<select id="getEntitlementProfile" parameterClass="java.lang.String" resultClass="oraclemag.view.IEntitlementProfile">
			ACCESS_LEVEL						as entitlementProfile_AccessLevel,
			PASSWORD_DIGEST					as entitlementProfile_DigestKey,
			USER_ID_KEY			 			as entitlementProfile_IndexKey,
			LAST_LOGON_DATE				as entitlementProfile_LastAccessed,
			LOGON_ATTEMPTS				as entitlementProfile_LogonAttempts,
			PASSWORD					as entitlementProfile_Password,
			PASSWORD_EXPIRATION_DATE	as entitlementProfile_PasswordExpiration,
			STATUS								as entitlementProfile_Status,
			USER_ID							as entitlementProfile_UserId,
			VIEWONLY						as entitlementProfile_ViewOnly 
		WHERE USER_ID = #value#

	<!-- mapped statements -->
	<update id="updatePassword" parameterClass="oraclemag.view.IEntitlementProfile">
		SET PASSWORD_DIGEST = #entitlementProfile_AccessLevel#,
				PASSWORD = #entitlementProfile_Password#,
				PASSWORD_EXPIRATION_DATE = #entitlementProfile_PasswordExpiration#,
        LOGON_ATTEMPTS = #entitlementProfile_LogonAttempts#
		WHERE USER_ID = #entitlementProfile_UserId#

The sqlmap-config 
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE sqlMapConfig SYSTEM "file:///c:/dtd/sql-map-config-2.dtd">


	<!-- data source(s) -->
	<transactionManager type="JDBC">
		<dataSource type="SIMPLE">
		<property name="JDBC.Driver" value="oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver" />
		<property name="JDBC.ConnectionURL" value="jdbc:oracle:thin:@cbssrv:1526:CLSREF" />
		<property name="JDBC.Username" value="webres" />
		<property name="JDBC.Password" value="resweb" />
		<property name="JDBC.DefaultAutoCommit" value="false" />
		<property name="Pool.MaximumActiveConnections" value="100" />
		<property name="Pool.MaximumIdleConnections" value="0" />
		<property name="Pool.QuietMode" value="false" />
	<sqlMap resource="oraclemag/view/sql-map.xml"/>	

Thanks in advance.
Tony Chen

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