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From John Fereira <ja...@cornell.edu>
Subject Re: [iBatis] Documentation
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 14:05:19 GMT
At 03:41 PM 6/6/2005, Brandon Goodin wrote:
>  If you want to help out, then you have the power
>to do so. The responsibility is not solely on the committers. We
>definitely want to be more user friendly. Let's all pitch in and help
>it to be better.
>"I appreciate the current condition of the documentation as being a
>open source project, but it should be better"
>I agree. You should pitch in and help make it better.

I realize this thread has mostly died but I wanted to chime in here  (I 
would have done it sooner but I have some storm damage at home to deal with).

For the past three years I have contributed to another collaborative open 
source project that probably has many more contributors and very wide 
spread usage (uPortal) as the documentation coordinator.  Although I have 
contributed quite a bit of the documentation myself there is no way I could 
possibly create the complete set of documentation required, and especially 
keep it up to date as the product evolves.  So, for the most part I have my 
to rely on the committers (those actually writing the code) to document 
their work and most of them are pretty good about it.  My "job" (which is 
entirely done on a volunteer basis...I have several other project that I am 
actually paid to work on) is to coordinate their efforts.

Like the iBatis project we've got a few mailing lists and a primary web 
site.  Last year, we started using Confluence and Jira.  As a result, 
"documentation" is scattered about on the main web site, some fairly 
dynamic content on the wiki, and many existing issues are documented in the 
Jira comments.  Coincidentally this weekend I am doing a uPortal 
documentation roadmap presentation at the uPortal conference which will 
attempt to identify all the different places where one can find 
documentation related to uPortal and a portion of the presentation will be 
devoted to making a plea to those implementing uPortal at their own 
institutions to get involved; to contribute to the wiki, log issues in 
Jira, and document their experiences so that the overall documentation can 
be improved.

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