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From Roberto R <roberto.r...@gmail.com>
Subject iBATIS.NET DataMapper 1.2 and DataAccess 1.6 Alpha releases!
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 00:50:24 GMT
After 5 long and productive months, the new Alpha releases of the DataMapper 
and DataAccess frameworks are ready! We also have updated documentation and 
the latest source available for download.

Here's a list of just some of the changes for the *DataMapper* framework:

   - A new *DomSqlMapBuilder configuration API* (accepts Stream, Uri, 
   FileInfo, and XmlDocument). 
   - Greatly *improved logging* and *exception handling*! 
   - New *Custom Type Handler* support for parameters and results! 
   - *Class inheritance* mappings using *<discriminator>* and
   - Automatic SqlMap.config document validation with an updated schema. 
   - Optional Data Map (SqlMap) document validation using a new <setting 
   validateSqlMap="true"/> element. 
   - Added Support for multiple "properties.config" files. 
   - Improved Oracle and PostgreSQL support! 
   - Updated the use of Castle.DynamicProxy to v1.1.0. 
   - And bug fixes too! 

On the *DataAccess* side, the framework has seen these updates:

   - New *<daoSessionHandler>* configuration syntax (prior syntax is 
   still supported). 
   - A new DomDaoManagerBuilder configuration API. 
   - Support for multiple "properties.config" files. 
   - The ability to define property "keys" and "values" in your 
   dao.config file. 

Download the iBATIS.NET DataMapper 1.2 and DataAccess 1.6 Alphas

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