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From "Justiniano, Miguel" <Justinia...@Pragmatics.com>
Subject Lists of objects that has a list as a property
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 15:59:51 GMT
I am currently trying to implement a sql map that will execute a query with
a variable list of search filters like so:

<select id="getItems" parameterClass="queryDto"
	select name
	from itemTable
	where id = #id#
	<iterate property="filterList" prepend="and" conjunction=" and ">
		$filterList[].columnName$ $filterList[].comparator$

The "searchValue" property on the object in the filterList is a
java.lang.Object so we can use either a regular string, a date, or a list as
the value.  Now, there's no problem when a filter uses a date or a string,
but if any filter uses a list ibatis tells me there's a NullPointerException
being thrown when i try to execute the query.

Is this a bug, and is there another get what I want working?

- miguel


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