PS: The DTD issue was all my fault.  I meant to first move .net and .org as a test, but I slipped (working too early in the morning).  :-)

In any case, it didn't seem to cause too many (or any?) issues, and it was fixed a few hours later. are both still pointing to, like will eventually be (probably a year from now to give time for everyone to move).


On 6/7/05, Clinton Begin <> wrote:

I only want to maintain one website for ibatis, both to avoid confusion and simplify deployment of the new site.  One problem is that nobody will ever have access to the current hosting facilities except me. 

Unfortunately I found out (after I made the change) that doesn't like to point multiple URLs to the same site.  So they set up a redirection script instead.

So now, the plan is to slowly move everyone to use, and will simply become a redirection.  Unfortunately the redirections will not help for DTD resolution.

That said, Jeff is right, we should use the public ID, and originally it did.  Unfortunately public IDs are easy to screw up (they're a nasty format), so I chose to use the system ID, because URLs are more foolproof.  However, for future considerations, I suppose the public ID will be the way to go, or perhaps a smarter entity resolver all around (i.e. try the public ID first, then the system id for all both and


On 6/7/05, Brandon Goodin < > wrote:
crappy, guess we'll have to fix that.

Clinton: why did we have to move the website to redirect to Why can't we keep it the way it was for now and
simply provide a simple link to the new site from We could
have at least avoided the dtd stuff for a while until we were certain
everything would function correctly?

On 6/7/05, Jeff Butler <> wrote:
> Per the change in the web site, I changed the system ids of all my
> config files to  However, iBatis is still looking
> for in the class
> com.ibatis.sqlmap.engine.builder.xml.SqlMapClasspathEntityResolver , so
> the entity resolution fails at run time.
> It seems to me that iBatis should use the public id, rather than the
> system id to resolve the DTDs.  That would avoid the issue, and also
> solve the problem that occurs when you change the system id to point to
> a local copy of the DTD for the lesser IDEs - not that I've ever used
> such a lessor IDE myself :-)  Also, it seems more "standard" to me to
> use the public id.
> Does that make sense?
> Jeff Butler