Hi Bharat,

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To answer your question, JPetStore uses the iBATIS DAO framework, which demarcates transactions automatically at the method level, or by calling the start/commit/end methods against the DAO transaction manager.  So in this case, these three updates were paret of the same transaction.


On 6/13/05, Bharat Nagwani <bnagwani@juniper.net> wrote:

I am looking at the Jpetstore code and I see this method in AccountSqlMapDao


public void updateAccount(Account account) {

    update("updateAccount", account);

    update("updateProfile", account);


    if (account.getPassword() != null && account.getPassword().length() > 0) {

      update("updateSignon", account);




How are the transaction boundaries handled, so are all the updates here are done as one transaction automatically?


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