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From <erlend.bjo...@aftenposten.no>
Subject SV: Capitlizing first letter in words
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 13:00:39 GMT
Hi there!
One easy trick is to use the database function, in Oracle: initcap
select initcap(name), initcap(contactperson) ...
from company
But still you have the problem with words that you don't want to initcap ..
words like:
and, or ...
Let me know if you figure out a easy way handle those special word you don't want to initcap
!! :-)
Think you have to have some kind of list of words that should be in lower, maybe there are
some kind 
of utility out there for that ?
Take care,

	-----Opprinnelig melding-----
	Fra: Folashade Adeyosoye [mailto:shardayyy@gmail.com] 
	Sendt: 10. juli 2005 14:27
	Til: ibatis-user-java@incubator.apache.org
	Emne: Capitlizing first letter in words

	Is there any such feature in iBatis, where the first letters returned are capitalized, if
all the data in DB are all lower cases?


	I know another alternative is to modify my setters to capitalize the first letter, I think
it's a pain in the rear to do that for all the attributes.




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