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From "Hendry" <hendry...@elasitas.com>
Subject Calling PL/PGSQL doesn't work?
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 09:53:01 GMT
Hi, I'm new to iBatis, I got stuck when calling functions in PostgreSQL 8
using SqlMap. Here is the part of my xml:

<parameterMap id="msg-param" class="msg">
	<parameter property="id" mode="IN" />
	<parameter property="msg" mode="IN" />
	<parameter property="charged" mode="IN" />
<procedure id="spEntrySender" parameterMap="msg-param"
{call spEntrySender(?, ?, ?)}

And here how I call it from my application:
String m = (String) sqlMap.queryForObject("spEntrySender", msg);

The problem is, the data not inserted to database. But if I input the data
manually, the id column which should be incremented by 1 is incremented more
than 1, as if it has been inserted data before.

I already tried using CallableStatement directly, and it works. And also,
I've look at the log file, and it hasn't any error. This is part of the log

[21/07/2005 16:04:28] {conn-100014} Connection
[21/07/2005 16:04:28] {pstm-100015} PreparedStatement: SELECT
spEntrySender(?, ?, ?) AS result
[21/07/2005 16:04:28] {pstm-100015} Parameters: [1963, tanya, 1]
[21/07/2005 16:04:28] {pstm-100015} Types: [java.lang.Integer,
java.lang.String, java.lang.Integer]
[21/07/2005 16:04:28] {rset-100016} ResultSet
[21/07/2005 16:04:28] {rset-100016} Header: [result]
[21/07/2005 16:04:28] {rset-100016} Result: [OK]
[21/07/2005 16:04:28] Returned connection 22048196 to pool.
[21/07/2005 16:04:28] Checked out connection 22048196 from pool.

I've searched the net for solutions of this problem, and still couldn't find
any. Could someone help me out?


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