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From "Hendry" <hendry...@elasitas.com>
Subject RE: Calling PL/PGSQL doesn't work?
Date Fri, 22 Jul 2005 05:00:14 GMT
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From: Hendry

Thanx for your suggestion, but the problem still exists.

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From: Larry Meadors

Set <transactionManager ... commitRequired="true">

This will force even queries to be committed.


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From: Hendry

Hi, I'm new to iBatis, I got stuck when calling functions in PostgreSQL 8
using SqlMap.

The problem is, the data not inserted to database. But if I input the data
manually, the id column which should be incremented by 1 is incremented more
than 1, as if it has been inserted data before.

I already tried using CallableStatement directly, and it works. And also,
I've look at the log file, and it hasn't any error. This is part of the log

I've searched the net for solutions of this problem, and still couldn't find
any. Could someone help me out?


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