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From "Folashade Adeyosoye" <sharda...@gmail.com>
Subject RE: Advantage of Map over Bean as a parameterObject?
Date Sun, 03 Jul 2005 15:25:00 GMT
Thanks the reason I asked was because all the examples I have seen online
seems to be using the maps.



From: Clinton Begin [mailto:clinton.begin@gmail.com] 
Sent: Sunday, July 03, 2005 11:08 AM
To: user-java@ibatis.apache.org
Subject: Re: Advantage of Map over Bean as a parameterObject?


>> You don't have to change or maintain it.

That's an exaggeration.  All software requires maintenance, perhaps Maps
require less...but the end result is less as well.

A bicycle requires less maintenance than a sports car too....but I know what
I'm driving home from work.  ;-)


On 7/3/05, netsql <netsql@roomity.com> wrote:

> 1) You don't have to write a JavaBean class.


2nd one:
2)You don't have to change or maintain it.
As project evolves and front end and back end evolve... there is no 
maitanance or CRUFT or duplication.

I used to do beans for many years. Then I started w/ Groovy, CoR, C#,
Flash, etc... They all are Map and Collections based. Even when I make a
JTable it needs a collection. I my case, I have no needs for a bean. All 
my API only takes Map args and sometimes return Lists. (A silly little
varargs). After all how often do you get a class cast exception!



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