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From Koka <226...@gmail.com>
Subject Change user credentials
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2005 19:33:33 GMT
Well, it's just a couple of days that I'm looking into iBatis and it
seems very transparent, convenient and easy to use...

Now about my problem. I've succesfully set up test application using
Tapestry-Spring-iBatis and transaction management works fine using
oracle.jdbc.pool.OracleDataSource and
org.springframework.jdbc.datasource.DataSourceTransactionManager. I.e.
I succesfully start transaction:
    DefaultTransactionDefinition dtd = new DefaultTransactionDefinition();
    transactionStatus = getTransactionManager().getTransaction(dtd);
What I could not figure out is how to pass username/password other
than those provided in the appConttext.xml for initializing the

After greppring the iBatis source code for getConnection it seems that
getConnection(String username, String password) is never called, just
getConnection(). So is it possible to change user credentials for some
specific cases (I don't care about connection pooling in such a case)?

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