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From "Greg Day" <Greg....@tec.govt.nz>
Subject Slow ibatis query
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 20:49:47 GMT
Hi all

I have a strange problem, we are using ibatis as our data access layer, and everything generally
goes fine.
I recently added a query, which essentially does a "select * from X where primary_key = ?"

This query is very fast (300ms) when run externally through a database console, or using jdbc,
or using direct jdbc inside jboss. even using the same connection as ibatis. But... when I
run it using ibatis, it takes 4-5 seconds... 

now, I stepped through the ibatis code, and everything is fast up to the point of ps.execute
(where the prepared statement is executed), then everything stops for 4-5 seconds while the
query is executed. 

Huh? Im doing exactly the same, executing a prepared statement with my jdbc version, so what
is going on? Im very confused, I don't even know where to start looking. If anyone has any
ideas.... they would be gratefully received.


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