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From "Akins, Greg" <gak...@amervideo.com>
Subject RE: Re: synchronization between DB and ibatis sqlmaps
Date Thu, 21 Jul 2005 11:55:51 GMT
>unit testing increases productivity!
>you should unit test only if you are lazy or in a rush.
>Otherwise, if you bill by the hour.... don't unit test.

If testing increases productivity, you should especially do it in a

I don't have any SqlMaps problems make it into my app because they're
caught during unit testing.

That said, what about changing SqlMaps while an app is in production.

I read an article "Tell Me Where It Hurts", by Mike Clark at
stickyminds.com where he advocates including a series of tests with an
application that can be run against an app after it's installed to
verify installation.  One could run those tests after changing SqlMaps
to verify.

Of course, I also read yesterday that Sun patented this technique
(sorry,can't remember the Patent number).  So good luck.


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