You're compiling under an incompatible JDK.  Two questions:

1) Which JDK are you using?
2) Why are you compiling from the source?


On 7/6/05, <> wrote:


I just downloaded, importied source files into
WSAD, and tried to build it. I encounterted some problems:

1. Unresolvable import files:

// in file
import com.ibatis.db.dao.DaoException;
import com.ibatis.db.dao.DaoTransaction ;

// in file
import com.ibatis.db.dao.DaoException;
import com.ibatis.db.dao.DaoTransaction;
import com.ibatis.db.dao.DaoTransactionPool;

2. Methods setHoldability(), getHoldability(), and setSavepoint() are
undefined for type Connection in file The type SavePoint cannot be
resolved either in the same file.

   public void setHoldability(int holdability) throws SQLException {

    public int getHoldability() throws SQLException {
      return getValidConnection().getHoldability();

    public Savepoint setSavepoint() throws SQLException {
      return getValidConnection().setSavepoint();

    public Savepoint setSavepoint(String name) throws SQLException {
      return getValidConnection().setSavepoint(name);

    public void rollback(Savepoint savepoint) throws SQLException {

    public void releaseSavepoint(Savepoint savepoint) throws SQLException {

    public Statement createStatement(int resultSetType, int
                                     int resultSetHoldability) throws
SQLException {
      return getValidConnection().createStatement(resultSetType,
resultSetConcurrency, resultSetHoldability);

    public PreparedStatement prepareStatement(String sql, int
                                              int resultSetConcurrency, int
        throws SQLException {
      return getValidConnection().prepareStatement(sql, resultSetType,
resultSetConcurrency, resultSetHoldability);

    public CallableStatement prepareCall(String sql, int resultSetType,
                                         int resultSetConcurrency,
                                         int resultSetHoldability) throws
SQLException {
      return getValidConnection().prepareCall(sql, resultSetType,
resultSetConcurrency, resultSetHoldability);

Help would be appriciated.

Biao Xue

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