Hi all,

Summer has become a very busy time for the iBATIS team.  We're spending more time on iBATIS than ever, and yet, it probably appears from the outside that we're on pause.  As you can imagine, there's more to software than the software.  So, I just wanted to send a note to say: "Yes, we're alive!"

First I want to apologize for not releasing 2.1.5 yet.  This is 100% my fault (no excuse). 

Second I want to lay out some exciting plans for the near future.

  * iBATIS will be at 2 upcoming conferences:
        - No Fluff Just Stuff - Calgary - Sept
        - Java in Action - Orlando - Oct

  * We're also considering ApacheCon US 2005, in San Diego in December.

  * We're increasing the size of the Java Team.  We have a number of people in mind, and will be contacting them shortly, but if you're interested in joining the iBATIS committers, then drop me a line.  We need more hands on deck to support the increasing demand.

  * iBATIS 3.0 roundtable discussions will start by September at the latest.  There's a lot of exciting directions the project can take.  We want you to be there.

And yes....I will release 2.1.5 this week.

Best regards,

Clinton Begin