Hello there
                 we are implementing ibatis. In one scenario, the code is getting only one row from the oracle database. I looked at the sql statement generated by Ibatis. The sql statement gets 2 rows from the database where as Ibatis gets only one.
Allow me to give the peice of code diong this.
1. the map
<resultMap id="getDetails" class="XXXXBean">
   <result property="Id" column="id" />     
   <result property="Amount" column="amount" />     

  <statement id="getDetailsbyId" resultMap="getDetails">
    table       where id = #Id#  
The java code used to call this is as follows
ArrayList invoiceviews = (ArrayList) getSqlMapClientTemplate().queryForList("getDetailsbyId", Id);
I did not want to be too verbose in the email hence I shortened the code. I can share the entire code, if anybody is interested. But the size of arraylist returned in the above code is 1. The log4j log shows that Ibatis generates only one resultset for the query. But if I execute the same query generated by Ibatis I get 2 rows in oracle db.
Has anyone encountered this problem before ?

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