The PLAN_N was included the in the select. You are right. It wouldn't have worked otherwise.
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From: Zarar Siddiqi []
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 2:27 PM
Subject: Re: Getting UncategorizedSQLException

I'm still curious to know how you got <result property="plan" column="PLAN_N"/>  to work without selecting PLAN_N.
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From: Rao, Satish
Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 1:43 PM
Subject: RE: Getting UncategorizedSQLException

Yes, it is working now. As Niels, suggested the problem was with the SQL itself. I realized I was not passing in the correct field to the SQL.
There is no change in the <resultMap> and <select> I had posted earlier.
Thanks for the help.
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Sent: Wednesday, July 13, 2005 1:38 PM
Subject: RE: Getting UncategorizedSQLException

True, but the UncategorizedSQLException is not thrown by iBATIS, I believe it is from Spring or something like that, so it should be related to the SQL itself. Could you please dump the complete stacktrace instead of just saying ‘some kind of exception X is thrown’?


Btw, it could be the comma after your last columnselect, just before the FROM-clause…


From: Zarar Siddiqi []
Sent: woensdag 13 juli 2005 18:31
Subject: Re: Getting UncategorizedSQLException


You're using this:


<result property="plan" column="PLAN_N"/>


but not retrieving PLAN_N in your SELECT clause.  I don't know if this is the reason for the UncategorizedSQLException but it's a problem otherwise also.

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From: Rao, Satish

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Subject: Getting UncategorizedSQLException



I get an UncategorizedSQLException when I execute the 'listRunDetails' select statement shown below. The query is a join between two tables. Am I doing something wrong here?

        <resultMap id="list-rundetail-result" class="">
                <result property="orderId" column="R.ORD_ID"/>
                <result property="participantId" column="PART_ID"/>
                <result property="clientId" column="CLNT_ID_N"/>
                <result property="plan" column="PLAN_N"/>
                <result property="channel.channelType" column="CHAN_TYPE_C"/>
                <result property="" column="EMAIL_ADDR_X"/>
                <result property="channel.line1Address" column="LINE_1_AD_X"/>

        <select id="listRunDetails"  resultMap="list-rundetail-result" cacheModel="rundetail-cache">
                        TABLE1 R, TABLE2 O
                        R.ORD_ID = O.ORD_ID
                        R.RUN_ID LIKE #runId#
                <isNotNull prepend="AND" property="participantId">
                        R.PART_ID LIKE #participantId#
                <isGreaterThan prepend="AND" property="client" compareValue="0">
                        R.CLNT_ID_N = #client#
        </select> contains Channel object.