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From Неверов Дмитрий <neverov...@nkmk.ru>
Subject HashMap keys
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 01:34:49 GMT
Hi, I have statement:

  <statement id="getSA" parameterClass="java.util.HashMap" resultClass="java.util.HashMap">
    select t11.nplv_old as nplv,
           nvl(t21.sname, ' ') as marka,
           t41.conc as conc1,
           t42.conc as conc2,
           abs(to_number(t41.conc, '99.9999')-to_number(t42.conc,'99.9999')) as razn,
           i.id as interval
    from him_head t11, sp_name_nsi t21, him_dev t31, him_an t41, him_head t12, him_an t42,
him_dev t32, sp_name_nsi t22, sp_interval i
    where t11.id_mark = t21.id(+)
    and t31.id_head = t11.id_head
    and t31.dt_dev between to_date(#dataN#, 'dd.mm.yyyy hh24:mi') and to_date(#dataK#, 'dd.mm.yyyy
    and t31.id_dev = 78
    and t41.id_analiz = t31.id_analiz
    and t41.id_elem = #elementId:NUMERIC# 
    and t11.id_prob = #probaId1# 

    and t12.id_mark = t22.id(+)
    and t32.id_head = t12.id_head
    and t32.dt_dev between to_date(#dataN#, 'dd.mm.yyyy hh24:mi') and to_date(#dataK#, 'dd.mm.yyyy
    and t32.id_dev = 78
    and t42.id_analiz = t32.id_analiz
    and t42.id_elem = #elementId:NUMERIC# 
    and t12.id_prob = #probaId2# 

    and t11.nplv_old = t12.nplv_old    

    and abs(to_number(t41.conc, '99.9999')-to_number(t42.conc, '99.9999')) > to_number(i.conc_ot,
    and abs(to_number(t41.conc, '99.9999')-to_number(t42.conc, '99.9999')) <= to_number(i.conc_do,

  As result I get a HashMap, but all keys of it in UpperCase: NPLV,
  MARKA, CONC1... Can I get keys in lowercase?

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