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From Ravi Krishnamurthy <ra...@savvion.com>
Subject classLoaders
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 17:20:29 GMT
I have a custom classloader that has the ejbclassloader as the parent. 
The custom classloader loads all the ibatis classes but the thread 
context classloader is the ejbclassloader. So when the ibatis is trying 
to load the resource, I get resource not found for the sql...dtd files. 
On lookig at the source code looks like in the Resources.java of ibatis, 
the getClassLoader first check the default Classloader and then the 
Thread.contextClassloader. Looks like in my case, the defaultClassLoader 
is null and so the context classloader (ejbclassloader) is used to 
search for the resources and so things file.

Could someone give me some pointers on how to resolve this problem.

But wondering why the getClassLoader does not use the classloader that 
loaded the Resources.java to search for the resources.

Please note that the ibatis classes are only visible to the 
cutomclassloader and not to the ejbclassloader.

Thanks for your time,


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